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Office and Appointment Hours

The office of St. Petersburg Endodontics is conveniently open Monday through Friday. We conveniently offer extended hours on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7:00am until 7:00pm. We are a practice committed to providing you with relief from tooth pain and anxiety. Our appointments are offered based on your need. We schedule a specific amount of time each day for patients with an emergency situation. Our doctors treat only one patient at a time which allows them and our team to be fully focused on patient care.


As part of your endodontic treatment, it is important to make time for sufficient anesthesia to be administered. A microscope is used during the procedure and the amount of time for your appointment will be determined based on the number of canals in the tooth requiring treatment. Every effort will be made to keep you comfortable while in the chair which includes not rushing through the procedure. Each appointment is unique. To give you an idea of what to expect, initial treatment of the root canal may last 40-90 minutes. A follow up appointment to complete the root canal can takes less time. For more information see the prodecures page.. It is important to be thorough and precise! You will be notified in advance regarding the length of time in our office.

Cancelled Appointments.

We know that you have other commitments and time obligations. Our procedures are specifically timed and the appropriate amount of time will be scheduled for all patients. We wish to minimize time spent waiting in our office.

Due to the fact that our doctors see only one patient at a time, advance notice of changes in schedule are a necessity. To avoid a broken appointment fee, we kindly request notice 24 hours in advance when an appointment must be changed. Thank you for your consideration.

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